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Animal Autopsy is the first "low cost," service of it's kind. Autopsy on an animal is actually called "Necopys." Not many people know this but Autopsy and Necopys is one of the same, the only difference is that Necopys is only preformed on animals. 

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Have Your Vet Do An X-Ray


We love our animals and take them in to get checked often, however if you do not get an x-ray, your vet will never find cancer, tumors, enlarged organs, etc... We have had so many cases where customers have said  "they just had a check up from the vet and the animal checked out fine." If there was no x-ray taken then the animal would have passed with flying colors. Spend the extra money and catch the bad before it becomes deadly!

  • Complete Necopys Report
  • Florida's First Low Cost Solution For Every Pet Owner
  • Lab Reports*
  • Cause of Death
  • Storage of your loved one until you are able to return to pick up.
  • Pre-Counseling
  • Photos for cases that may be going to trial
  • Same Day Results*


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